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Ginger Hedrick

Certified Romana's Pilates Instructor


I work with clients who are professional athletes, promising ballet dancers and athletes, recreational adult athletes as well as individuals who are in pain, post-surgery, looking for something different in their workout or just starting their journey to working out and being healthy.

As a former professional ballet dancer and teacher, I have been able to bring my years of discipline, attention to detail, patience and perseverance with me into what I offer as a Pilates instructor. In my studio, we value the importance of caring for the person as a whole: body, mind, soul and spirit. It truly all works together. All of our needs are unique; therefore this is not a “one size fits all” approach! I believe this is an important aspect of our success at Pilates of West County.

In my training to become an instructor, I had the incredible privilege of working with and being trained by Romana Kryzanowska, Joseph Pilates' protege’. I am also a teacher trainer for Romana’s Pilates Instructor Training Program, which allows me to train and mentor apprentices working toward their certification.

Even though I have been teaching since 2000, I continue to travel often to take classes and seminars from renowned instructors who have taught and groomed me to be an instructor. I want to keep progressing in my own work to be able to offer each of my clients what they deserve – my very best.

When you come to Pilates of West County, we focus on what your needs and goals are personally and devise a plan to help you meet those goals. The training offered at Pilates of West County is genuine, authentic and timeless. I’m a native Texan but have called St. Louis home for more than 20 years. I love travel, good food and wine, friends and family and my studio dog “Piper.” We look forward to seeing you in the studio!