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Do I have to be in shape to do Pilates?

No. We will start training at a level that is appropriate and comfortable for you and build as you get stronger and more familiar with the Pilates system. 

If I have chronic pain or physical limitations can I do this?

Yes.  Pilates is wonderful for many issues that cause chronic pain or physical limitations.  Sessions will be customized for your needs and safely advance you under the guidance of an instructor. 

What should I wear to a session or class?

Wear comfortable workout clothes without zippers and socks.   

Is Pilates just for stretching?

No!  At Pilates of West County, we teach the body in front of us.  Some people need more flexibility, some people need more strength.  Most people need a combination of both.  Sessions are designed to fit your needs and goals. 

How is Pilates different from Yoga?

While yoga focuses heavily on stretching, Pilates gears the workout to addressing strength, flexibility, control and alignment. 

Do I have to be flexible to do Pilates?

No.  Everyone can improve their flexibility but you do not have to be flexible to start Pilates.