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Introductory session · the starting point for all Pilates of West County clients. We will discuss the client’s fitness level, Pilates experience, past injuries, and goals. The workout during this initial session will guide us in developing a program to best meet their needs. Finally, the client and instructor will together create a plan to move forward successfully.

Private sessions · the focus is one-on-one instruction where the clients gain an understanding of the exercises, the equipment and its set-up. Utilizing both the equipment and the matwork, a system of exercises will be set up for each client according to individual needs and goals as well as past injuries. As clients advance, private sessions provide the format to continue to add new exercises to their system, address specific issues or needs and continually gain a deeper understanding of the connection of the powerhouse to the rest of the body. Packages available.

Semi-Private sessions · require that the client have a little more independence in knowing the exercises along with their names and order as well as being able to set up their own equipment. Clients of similar fitness levels and experience in Pilates are teamed up in semi-private sessions. Looking for a workout partner? Fill our our Partner Program Questionaire and we will be happy to place you with a partner for Semi-Private sessions. Packages available.

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Fundamentals of Pilates · focuses on the principles of Pilates and a basic understanding of mat exercises and how the powerhouse is the center of all of the Pilates method. Clients will explore strength, flexibility, control and posture in this class. This class will prepare the client to eventually move into other levels of mat classes.

Mat Classes · allow clients to continue to progress in their understanding and development of the mat exercises while increasing their strength, flexibility, control, flow, precision and breathing. There are various levels of mat classes that our instructors will help place clients in according to level and need.

Workshops · These are small group training sessions that are geared to specific training for athletes and dancers. Please call our studio to get further information on our athlete’s clinics and dancer’s workshops.

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